Monday, November 17, 2014

Reluctant Hearts

Some days, it feels especially challenging for me to send loving thoughts to others.  That phrase, "Hell is other people," comes to mind and it's easy to find reasons why I'd rather keep my kind words to myself.

Other people's behavior and words seem baffling, leaving me wondering how to respond. 

It's easy to get caught up in drama. We've all been there and experienced it in one form or another.  One person blurts out some perceived injustice and pretty soon, others join in, adding their own special blend of stuff. Momentum builds and it becomes a whirling mass of toxic, collective misery.  I envision it as small tornado that picks up speed as more people verbalize their particular issue.

It then spins faster, increasing in power and draws even more people in until it has evolved into a full blown Sucking Vortex.

Amidst the fear that I, too, will be sucked into it, I pause as a tiny whisper assures me of something.

     This person needs to let it out.
     I can create a safe space to do this.
     I will be ok.
     Just listen.
     Realize it will pass.
     Let it go and feel the energy dissipate.

As a kid, I remember seeing one of my favorite Scooby Doo cartoons, where a cluster of floating hearts moved from one character to another, almost like leaves blowing across a lawn. I liked this idea and can now imagine a cloud of tiny, chuckling hearts, moving toward the other person. Sometimes this is all that's needed to help them step gently out of the mess and into a calmer place. Those reluctant hearts can easily become caring ones.

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