Saturday, October 1, 2016

Rabbit, Rabbit!

Happy October 1st! Here it is, the first day of a new month and I have already forgotten to say the magic words to open the gates to good fortune. Yes, I jumped out of bed without saying "rabbit, rabbit," before my feet hit the floor. One reader wrote me a while back saying, in a lighthearted way, that she was doomed because she forgot. 

No worries. There is a redeeming word we can say tomorrow to bring the possibilities of continued good fortune back. 

With it being New Moon yesterday, there is still time to make a list of wishes or intentions you'd like to see manifest before the next new moon. I jot them down in my calendar book so I can keep track of things that show up for me as they occur. 

Here's to good things coming your way during the coming month.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Enjoying the little things : A Spring Rain

It's been raining more than usual here on the east coast. The grey clouds roll in and the droplets fall, slowly at first, then steadily increasing, sometimes coming in sheets. I find myself later tip-toeing around all the worms that have come out to escape the waterlogged earth. Robins are everywhere. The landscape becomes green, more lush, as everything fills in.

Sitting inside, watching the rain fall, a real treat.

How do you enjoy the rain?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Enjoying the little things : Someone to lean on

A few people have told me recently about some ongoing challenges they'd been having. These were in the areas of relationships, finances, health, and family. The one thing that got them through the tricky patches was having some kind of support system in place. Often it was one person they could truly count on to be there. Sometimes, all we need is that certain someone who will really listen and be totally present. 

Today, consider and appreciate the people who have been there for you when you needed someone to lean on.


Friday, May 13, 2016

Enjoying the little things : The Magic of Bubble wrap

The magic of bubble wrap
As I was tidying up my art supplies area this week, I came across a stash of bubble wrap. I've been collecting the stuff for months, yanking it out of every package that's been delivered to our house. My family has come to look at me a bit like a turkey buzzard, hovering and circling over them as they open their parcels, waiting me for me to grab the bubble wrap before it hits the recycling bin.

This stuff is great! It has an infinite number of uses and every time I see it, I roll it up and add it to the collection, knowing that some new way of using it will pop into my head.

One artist I know uses it to print patterns onto her paintings. She rolls paint over the bubbles, pressing the stuff onto the canvases and papers. The wrap leaves great textures. Plus, it can be rinsed off for reusing.

One of my favorite ways to use this stuff is to squeeze it. Grabbing a sheet of it, I work my way across the surface, bursting one bubble after another. The wrap with the larger bubbles creates a very loud and satisfying sound. It has also been fun to stomp on the stuff. The cats don't much care for the noise and scatter in all directions.

Last year, Pee Wee Herman mentioned in an article that someone had come up with an awesome stress reliever...virtual bubble wrap. A free phone app, it allows the user to touch and pop wrap while on the bus, in the cubicle or any other place where that kind of fun is needed. An excellent resource if you do not have the actual stuff in your hands.

Next time you come across a piece of bubble wrap, pop it and see what kind of enjoyment comes from it.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Enjoying the little things. Blooming Marvels

It's a tad past the daffodil explosion, but all kinds of other blossoms are on the way in. There are hundreds of paperwhites in my front garden, put in place by the previous owners. Giant iris are starting to blossom and although the flowers that arrive each spring are of the same variety, I still marvel at the intricacy and beauty of the individual flower. The tiny shoot that grows taller each day, evolving into a lighter color at the tip where the blossom lies in wait, folded up like an umbrella. With the bit of sun that popped out after weeks of rain, the flowers slowly open, revealing gently serrated edges, soft shades of purple and white, and rounded, curved petals. Nature's gift. 

Take note of any blossoms you encounter in your travels this week and stop to take a minute and really look at the color, detail and beauty of something, that while giving so much pleasure, is here for so short a time.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Enjoying the little things. Animal Time

Animal Time
Animals. Many of us have had the good fortune to share living spaces with animals of all kinds, anything from tiny goldfish to horses and everything in between. They come to us in different ways, sometimes planned, occasionally not, but in any case, we end up learning quite a bit from them. How many times have you arrived home on an especially challenging day to be greeted by a creature who is especially glad to see you? They listen, quietly gazing at us with soulful eyes, giving us the feeling we are truly appreciated.

An artist friend has ducks that visit her pool on a regular basis. Watching them traipse around her garden and take dips in the pool allow her many moments of relaxation and enjoyment. Humming birds also zip around her place and she has managed on a few occasions to snap some quick photos before they vanished.

Sitting with pets or watching creatures out in the garden can be a great way to get in touch with all that's good. Which animals will touch your world this week?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Enjoying the little things. A comfy place to read

A comfy place to read
Switching gears. This blog initially began as a place where I took note of all the little things I find which make life enjoyable and more fun on a daily basis. It's easy to get caught up in focusing on areas where things are not running very smoothly. One thought leads to another and pretty soon, the belief of "bad things come in 3s," can pop up. Not fun.

I prefer the idea of  "good things come in 3s." Noticing what works and makes us feel good can create a mindset where we are more open to noticing the good that surrounds us. One thing leads to another. 

Recently, I noticed a book at a friend's house. She had set it aside, meaning to read it, but found she was pulled away by too many other things. Seeing it on the table drove her nuts as it was a daily visual reminder that she STILL had not gotten around to it. Sometimes, it takes only a very small step to feel better. She picked it up one day and spent 10 minutes reading. Her day was swamped, but doing that got her into what the book had to say and also made her feel better. 

Today, consider sinking into a favorite chair (or beanbag if you  have one) for a few minutes and really enjoy some time with a good book. 

 Where do you like to enjoy a book?

For anyone who has been following my felting work...I will be setting up a separate blog just for felting and tutorials. Thank you for stopping by.
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