Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Enjoying the little things. A comfy place to read

A comfy place to read
Switching gears. This blog initially began as a place where I took note of all the little things I find which make life enjoyable and more fun on a daily basis. It's easy to get caught up in focusing on areas where things are not running very smoothly. One thought leads to another and pretty soon, the belief of "bad things come in 3s," can pop up. Not fun.

I prefer the idea of  "good things come in 3s." Noticing what works and makes us feel good can create a mindset where we are more open to noticing the good that surrounds us. One thing leads to another. 

Recently, I noticed a book at a friend's house. She had set it aside, meaning to read it, but found she was pulled away by too many other things. Seeing it on the table drove her nuts as it was a daily visual reminder that she STILL had not gotten around to it. Sometimes, it takes only a very small step to feel better. She picked it up one day and spent 10 minutes reading. Her day was swamped, but doing that got her into what the book had to say and also made her feel better. 

Today, consider sinking into a favorite chair (or beanbag if you  have one) for a few minutes and really enjoy some time with a good book. 

 Where do you like to enjoy a book?

For anyone who has been following my felting work...I will be setting up a separate blog just for felting and tutorials. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Where do I like to enjoy a book? ANYWHERE. ANYTIME.

    Wow—changes at your blog! I've long enjoyed your CheerUpAndChillOut blog title, and now I have a better idea of where it came from. Taking note of all the little things that bring pleasure, enjoyment, fun, and joy. Yes!

    1. I'm with you on the place to enjoy books!

      Little things pop up everywhere, all day long. It's fun to note what shows up!

  2. Reading. Such a joy. Have to say I have not had time in a while. BUT I do have a book out that I am planning to spend time with this afternoon.
    Looking forward to the new "You", LOL. I am planning on changing up my blog as well. Design wise, but it has to wait until after the move. Next month or the month after. Fingers crossed for you, that everything goes smoothly. In awe that you will be maintaining two blogs. WOW. Blessings and Best Wishes to you Corinna :)

    1. Great to curl up with a book. I think I need a few lifetimes to read all the things that pop up and look interesting!

      Having fun with the blogs. Designing and setting up is not my thing, but I will get the chance to learn heaps. I have learned a lot by following yours...full of wonderful ideas.

      Here's wishing you a smooth move, Sheila.

  3. Thanks for that Corinna :) I am working on mine as well, and plan a major overhaul after we are settled. Last week I managed to read two books. WOW! What a joy that was :) Good luck, remember you can learn anything you need to on the net.. youtube videos, lots of resources :)


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