Monday, January 5, 2015

January 2015..Day 5 "The Storyteller (Bud's Light)" 30 Day Painting Challenge

"The Storyteller (Bud's Light)"

As a kid, I loved hearing stories on just about every topic. These stories came via family, teachers, neighbors, and friends. On occasion, I found myself accidentally eavesdropping (and completely fascinated) in places like grocery stores, cafe's and restaurants, slightly mortified yet unable to pull myself away, and picking up a real doozy here and there. Amazing things floating around in story form.

The best storytellers pulled us in by weaving sound effects, gestures, and excitement through their tales. I became so absorbed, I would end up in an almost trance-like state.

I'm wondering what story this lantern fish is telling all the little goldies...

"The Storyteller (Bud's Light)"  5x7" watercolor and ink,


  1. Whatever story the Lantern Fish is telling, the little Goldies are absolutely mesmerized! :-)

  2. They are probably listening to stories about frogs....

  3. or a good old fashioned fish tale!!


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