Friday, May 20, 2016

Enjoying the little things : A Spring Rain

It's been raining more than usual here on the east coast. The grey clouds roll in and the droplets fall, slowly at first, then steadily increasing, sometimes coming in sheets. I find myself later tip-toeing around all the worms that have come out to escape the waterlogged earth. Robins are everywhere. The landscape becomes green, more lush, as everything fills in.

Sitting inside, watching the rain fall, a real treat.

How do you enjoy the rain?


  1. I love hearing rain on the skylight over our bed; the best sleeping.

    We haven't had much rain on our many-years-long tradition of taking an October vacation in WV state parks, but when it does rain, I love the patter on the roof while we tuck up close to a fire in a great big stone fireplace in a rustic cabin in the wilderness with a book in hand and a stack of more books at the ready.

  2. I love the rain. Love watching it, love hearing it. Love thunder storms. Love driving in the rain, and hearing it on the roof of the car.


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