Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Fish Day 2 ......Micro Painting

I walked into a framing shop last week and as one woman cut mats for a painting I had recently sold, another looked longingly at the little watercolor I had brought in and told me she wished she could make some art, but it didn't fit into her schedule and she couldn't find the time.

For many people, including what we love to do (things like making art, writing, creating music, being with animals, being outside, moving and exercising, baking, etc.) is essential in creating a sense of well being and joy in our lives.

I asked the woman who wanted to make stuff if she had the time to do some micro art, a miniature version of a piece she dreamed of creating but didn't have the time to do. Could she give herself 15 minutes to paint something small? Working tiny had not occurred to her and her idea of how her work "should be" had prevented her from seeing other possibilities and having fun while creating at all.

Today, make a tiny version of something. I keep a little watercolor set nearby to do very quick little sketches on days that are filled, and that's enough to keep me going.

Spend a few minutes making a tiny piece of creative work-allow yourself 15 minutes to work. It could be a sketch on a dinner napkin, doodling in a notebook, drawing on an etch-a-sketch, squishing up some play-doh, arranging leaves in a pattern, making a creative looking snack, writing a short song, etc...

See what happens.
What can you make today?


  1. I love how people are doing all kinds of miniatures...tiny paintings, mini sculptures, wee books. Kind of fun to work on such a small scale.

    What is your favorite kind of mini art?


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