Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 1 February bird challenge "Quail"

Years ago, my cat and I were sprawled in the front garden, soaking up a bit of  morning sun. Eyes closed, I relaxed in the grass, listening to the Bell Birds. Pretty soon, I heard loud chattering and opened one eye to see a quail standing a metre away. The chattering got louder and the bird started pacing, getting increasingly agitated.  The cat looked over, yawned and stretched out flat in the grass disinterested, while the bird continued pacing frantically. It  was then I noticed a half dozen dark, fuzzy chicks behind her. 

"You're safe," I said, "we're only looking."  The bird suddenly stopped her big dance and all the noise, staring at us briefly, before turning and disappearing into the bushes, chicks in tow. Interesting how we all communicate with one another.

"Quail,"  8 x 10" Watercolor and ink

The next birds I make will be more like the fish I did for the challenge...

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