Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 22..."V" Micro Art Mini Challenge

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new  dream.   C.S. Lewis

Dreams, goals and wishes. There are so many ideas on how to create new possibilities for ourselves. Some people keep journals, writing detailed descriptions of what they'd like to have manifest. Some repeat affirmations daily to keep themselves on track and get where they want to be. Others use visual imagery to create some form of Vision Board or Treasure Map. They build it either using a digital format or a more hands-on method, assembling papers and pictures that represent what they desire most. I've played with all three of these and sometimes use a combination to visualize my plans.

All of these things seem to have a main goal of keeping us inspired and continuing to focus on our dreams, reminding us that it's all doable.
My dream to live by the ocean again

Today's Project:  "V"   Vision Board in Miniature

  • Think of something you'd like to have manifest for yourself. Could be in work, health, finances, belongings, relationships, etc.
  • Select one idea. Make a quick sketch on your 3x3 card. Draw an image to represent what you'd like to see or have happen.
  • Use your favorite materials to add color. Embellish with a pen. Write the name of your wish or dream on the back and add the date. Set it aside where you can see it daily.
Ocean Dream Mugshot

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