Sunday, August 16, 2015

August 16..."P" MIcro Art Mini Challenge


Once a week, I join a group of others who like to paint. We meet on the grounds of a local sailing club where a summer camp is now finishing its final weeks. We paint for several hours, eat lots of snacks, listen to music and then hold an informal critique.

I sat outside last week, painting near the water and some kids in the sailing camp sat down to have their lunches. A few came over to have a closer look so I set out a few 3x3 pieces of watercolor and invited them to pick up a paintbrush. One girl hesitated and then told me she wasn't very good at painting. I could see they all wanted to paint, but were holding back. I told her I felt the point of doing it was simply to play with the paint and have fun exploring what she could do with it. Never mind expectations or worries about the final outcome. She liked how small the paper was and decided to join in. After a few minutes, every kid at the table was busy making tiny paintings. 

We can get so caught up in what we feel the final product "should" be that we lose sight of getting lost in the fun of the process. Kids' work is often assessed by well meaning adults, who have their own ideas on how they feel things need to look. Products get compared, talent levels are compared and suggestions are offered on how to make the work "better." This doesn't help when someone is feeling a little skittish about making something in the first place.

 Doing all these micro projects is about enjoying the process and allowing yourself the freedom in simply making something on a small scale.
Micro Doodle Patterns

Today's Project:  "P"  Patterns and Process
  • The subject for this one is Patterns. Look at all the ways decorative patterns show up on a daily, home goods, etc.  What types of patterns do you like most? Geometric shapes, designs inspired by Nature, color vs black and white?

  • Take your 3x3 paper and sketch a pattern or series of patterns across it in some way. Make your favorite designs...are they in something you already own or are they something you'd like to have in some particular form?
  • Stick with black and white or use color. See how tiny you can go with details. Think of this as a quick exercise to focus on your favorite pattern and surface decoration ideas. Where would your designs be seen?
Pattern Mugshot

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