Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August 12...Micro Art "L" Mini Challenge

Lucky Charms
Do not fear mistakes - there are none.” Miles David 

In the last few years, I've met some people who were able to locate four leaf clovers as easily as a blade of grass. They simply went into a grassy area, and within a few minutes, walked out with one or more of the coveted lucky charms. The finders made quite a few people happy by discovering the elusive leaves and giving them as gifts. 

People show me their lucky items which they swear brought them good fortune. This included everything from lucky coins, to articles of clothing (the bowling shirt?), stones, keys and assorted other whatnots. 

Today's Project: "L"  Lucky Charms

  • Think about any type of lucky charm you might have had as a kid, or have now.  How did you get it? What kinds of experiences has it brought you? Can you attribute anything to the power of this little charm?
  • On your 3x3 card, draw a picture of your lucky charm. 
  • Using your materials, add color or  leave black and white and just sketch with pencil and pen. Add a background or  leave it by itself on the page. What are its special qualities?
  •  Add the date and jot some notes on the back about why your charm is special to you.
My lucky rock and 4 leaf clover Mugshots


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