Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 31....Micro Art Mini Challenge

The end of the road...Y and Z

The final day of my one month Micro Art Mini Challenge. 

I'm grateful to the lady I met in a local frame shop a few months back who bemoaned the fact that she never had time to make art. The combination of her busy schedule, lack of time and not wanting to drag out all the messy art materials was discouraging her from making anything at all. She seemed very frustrated as she felt the creative tug every day to make something, but wasn't able to bring it about.

That got me thinking that making micro versions of things might be the answer to having more fun, being creative and answering the call to play with art materials and ideas.

Today's Project:  Y and Z

  • For the letter Y, choose an image you like. I wanted something a little different so I went to a website that listed unusual words beginning with y and chose Yabby, a fresh water crayfish. Sketch your image on the 3x3 card.
  • Use your favorite art materials to add color. Today I used watercolor and embellished with ink.

  • For the letter Z, I chose the word Zest.  I painted it and put it out where I will see it daily and remind myself to add more fun and Zest to each day. Simple touches in the way we do things can make the day better, for ourselves and others. One guy who adds ZEST to his and his son's day by drawing on his kid's lunch bags.

  •  Create an image that represents Zest to you and allow it to inspire you to have more fun.

Y and Z Mugshots

Cigar Treasure Box holding a month of micro art

 I've collected all the little bits I've made this month and packed them into my cigar box. Some possible uses for all these tiny works you've made could be:
  • Fridge Art Gallery
  • Tucked inside letters to friends or relatives
  • Popped into tiny frames and given as gifts or for yourself for your home, office or studio. I've even seen incredible Bathroom art galleries.
  • Bound into a tiny book
  • Left in a public place somewhere for anyone to pick up and enjoy
  • What other uses can you think of for your tiny works of art?

And now as it has come to the end of another month, I've posted a little thing I heard as a kid and as quirky as it is, I find myself doing this ritual on the first day of each month. 
I have been saying this for a number of years now and love to hear what little rituals other people have, if any, for getting off to a running start in the new month. What do you like to do?

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