Friday, August 7, 2015

August 7...Micro Art "G" Mini Challenge

The other day, I felt grumpy for some reason. I wasn't able to pinpoint the exact cause of it (very annoying at the time) but simply felt irritated at just about everything. I stewed in it for a while before I caught hold of my thoughts and chose to derail them. I figured out the high humidity was the reason I was walking around making snarky faces and wanting to snap at people. I wanted things to be other than they were.

Human, but not very helpful or useful.

I made a few scribbles and decided to go with the way things were, weather wise. The grumpiness melted away when I decided to put my focus elsewhere.

A few words from someone known to be grumpy and cantankerous at times:
From Emily Temple's article in Flavorwire

Roth: There once was this photographer from New York. “Smile,” she always said. “Smile!” I couldn’t stand her or the whole phenomenon. Why smile into a camera? It makes no human sense. So I got rid of both her and the smile.

Martin Krasnik: Do you ever smile at all?

Roth: Yes, when I’m hiding in a corner and no one sees it.
— as related in the Guardian

Today's Project:  "G"  Grumpy Toon
  1. Think, very briefly, of some situation where you felt a serious case of grumpiness headed your way. Sometimes it helps to visualize a person who "inspires" you to feel this emotion
  2. Turn the grumpy feeling you felt into a pocket sized character. Give it a body, face and attitude. Picture it standing on a table near you, showing you how upset it is. It might even be on the verge of a tantrum.
  3. Sketch this character on your 3x3 paper. Add details to express how it feels. Allow it to embody the feeling of Grumpiness.
  4. Add color if you like
  5. Write in the date and name. The next time you feel grumpy, see your little character looking at you, expressing itself. See if this doesn't lighten your mood.
Grumpy Mugshot

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