Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3....Micro Art "C"

Mixed Media Micro Collage (3"x 3")
Sometimes I feel like I must have been a magpie in another life. I tend to save bits and pieces of things with unusual colors or textures I find appealing. People are used to my scrounging, I mean collecting, things they'd likely toss out. There are also lots of little things I've picked up on nature walks. All those little bits go into boxes for later use in some creative project. They come in handy when I assemble a collage or mixed media piece. It's like having a treasure chest full of goodies. Do you have a small assortment of special objects?

For a few minutes, be a short term magpie and gather up a few materials for today's project.

Today's project:   "C"  for cutting and collage
Materials and tools for collage making

  1. Gather an assortment of items that you might consider using for a micro collage. This could include things like various kinds of paper, foils, netting, pieces of metal, buttons, wire, fabric, etc. 
  2. Assemble a pleasing arrangement on the little board. Keep moving the pieces around and rearrange as needed. Your picture might resemble something familiar or be more abstract in design. Look at it from different directions and tweak it until you are happy with the placement. Take only a few minutes to do this. Keep it light and fun
  3. Glue all elements in place 
  4. Add the date on the back and give it a name
Set your finished collage aside and enjoy looking at it for a few minutes.
How many different kinds of things can you squeeze into your micro collage? 

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