Saturday, August 1, 2015

August: A Month of Micro Art

Original and Altered Version
Several people have told me recently they'd love to do some creative work but don't have the space in their schedule. By the time they haul their art stuff out, something calls them away. They end up putting it on hold. In some cases, for years.

The focus this month is on doing Micro Art- tiny projects, using ordinary materials and a variety of techniques. The main thing is simply to allow yourself to have a bit of fun playing with ideas. I'll be working through the alphabet to generate themes and techniques.

A few things to keep in mind:
  1. The main idea is to have fun, let go and enjoy the process
  2. Releasing outcomes (and perfectionism, as one person told me) can make it more enjoyable
  3. Finished size is 3" x 3" (about 7.5 cm)
  4. Ideas and themes presented here are suggestions for a starting point. Use whatever materials you have on hand and adapt as necessary to suit your individual tastes
  5.  As all my work will be analog in nature, the materials I plan on using include: a variety of papers, watercolors, pens, pencils, markers, glue, found objects
August 1....A is for Altering
  • Find an image (magazine, newspaper, flier, etc)
  • Cut out a 3"x 3" square (or rectangle or circle if you prefer)
  • Turn it, looking at it from different points of view
  • Using a pen or marker, alter the image by adding details with lines, patterns, shading, etc. Doodle on it, keeping it simple or go wild with something over the top
  • I gave myself 5 minutes to find an image and other 5 to alter it
  • Label it "August 1...Altering"
Keep it for your private gallery of micro art.

Day 1


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