Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2 Micro Art: B

Blobs into Birds
Not long ago, I saw an article online about a guy who did hundreds of coffee splat illustrations. Spilling coffee on a paper and allowing his imagination to run wild, he added details in pencil to turn the blobs into little monsters, complete with short adventure stories. Great idea!

How many times have you looked at a splat, cloud or even a pile of mashed potatoes (Close Encounters?), and it immediately became something else in your mind's eye? Surprising (and fun) what can show up.

Today's Project:  "B"  Blobs to Birds
  1. For ease in doing this month's micro art projects, I precut 31 pieces of paper 3" x 3" in size
  2. Using watercolors (kids' watercolor sets can work great for this), paint a few blobs in your favorite colors. Mix colors. If you don't have paint, use markers or colored pencils
  3. After a few minutes when the paint has dried, use a pen to add details to the blobs, turning them into birds. Where is your bird? On sand, in the grass, or taking flight? Doodle in some background hints
  4. Label the back of the work with the date and theme

Treasure Box
I found this wonderful little cigar box and it now holds my collection of micro art pieces. Find a small container to keep your little experimental treasures together for the month. Allow yourself to have fun as you play your way through all the projects.
Micro Art Holder

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