Sunday, March 13, 2016

MARCH 2016. FELTED CREATURES. DAY 13. Lady Marmalade

Orange cat
Seems like Spring has arrived much earlier than last year. The daffodils are up, pink blossoms are on the trees and one week ago Friday, we had snow. What a mix! Great time to get outdoors, take a walk, enjoy the sun, and listen to the birds and all the odd chirping that doesn't quite sound like birds. 

Again, looked to one of my cats as inspiration for today's piece. Always loved the patterns and various shades of orange on some kitties. This guy (his name is Ram) was rescued from a shelter and lived with various cat care people for three years until we found him last year. He's made quite an addition to our family and I've found that spending time with him (or any of our other kitties) is the quickest way to feel calm, centered and relaxed. Cats are a reminder to live in the moment and really dive into the now. A great place to be.

Lady Marmalade (5.5" x 6") is made of needle felted wool and cotton over a copper wire armature. She is a female version of my cat, Ram.
Ram, inspiration for Lady Marmalade

How do you like to spend time with a pet?


  1. LOVE Orange cat/Lady Marmalade. Very appealing work with posing and marmalade blend of color. Lady Marmalade is looking right into my eyes—that face! What a work of art, Corinna : )

  2. Thanks, Dotty. Cats are fun to make! Hey, I need to do a budgie soon!

    1. woo hoo! My budgie Kapiti was just the best!

  3. Love Lady and Ram. Too cute for words. My Jessie is no longer with me, but you are right, quickest way to relax is watching a cat do anything. Even a sleeping cat is joyful :)


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