Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 2016. Felted Creatures. Day 16. Cosmo and Goldie

Cosmo woke up and had a peek at his horoscope for the day. Things looked promising.
The day begins

On his travels, he came upon a small goldfish, out for a walk. Delightful, he thought.

Tickled his fancy

He stopped to chat to the fish, who said her name was Goldie, and that she was on an adventure doing something she hadn't dared. He admired her boldness.
Cosmic magic at work

As she had been traveling quite a while and looked a tad bit tired, he offered her a lift. She enjoyed the comfy transportation.
On their way

Grateful to have a traveling companion, Cosmo set off in search of more delightful surprises, Goldie chuckling at her good fortune to have found a new friend. 
"This is my lucky day," she said to herself.
The adventure continues
Cosmo, with his new buddy and good luck charm, set out to see the  world.

Cosmo is made of needle felted wool with a wire armature. Goldie is made of needle felted wool.

What kind of adventure will you have today?


  1. It's our lucky day, too, to witness Cosmo and Goldie. Corinna, this is fabulous! You are having way too much fun!!!

    My adventures today were in my studio : )

  2. LOVE this fun post and these two tiny creatures!


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