Monday, March 7, 2016

MARCH 2016. FELTED CREATURES. DAY 7. Royal Highness

Royal Highness
A relative sent me a big box of Godiva chocolates a few days ago. Tucked inside a cardboard delivery box and nestled in bubble wrap and tissue paper, I found a beautiful golden box. Opening it revealed a smooth flat piece of wrap that sat like a blanket, protecting all the delectibles inside. Each piece, a tiny chocolate work of art, sat nestled in its own little compartment. The whole box just for me. Total indulgence. It made me feel like royalty.

 It is easy to get so busy and involved with life that we forget to spend time nourishing ourselves with the little indulgences that make life more fun. Inspiration for today's felt. How can you indulge a bit today and feel like royalty? Enjoying a good book, spending time with a friend, treating yourself to something special for lunch?  The possibilities are infinite.

Royal Highness is made of needle felted Corriedale, with straight pins, and bling covered wooden crown.


  1. Godiva, you are very special indeed! I worked for Godiva ages ago. It was when they still had stand alone stores. Most of the time it was very boring. In fact the manager allowed me to bring in books to read when it was slow. The best thing was, we could take home broken pieces at a discount. Enjoy your treasures!


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