Friday, March 25, 2016

March 2016. Felted Creatures. Day 25. Small Bear

Small Bear
Happy Friday.

 Today, another little pocket sized bear. These little guys are fun to make. Watching soft, fluffy wool tops transform into shapes simply by using a barbed needle is very relaxing. As I sat at a local hair cutting place last month waiting for my kids to get their hair cut, I brought out my needle felting supplies, (sponge, needle and wool) and began working on a new piece. Several people approached, asking what I was doing. A few of them were women who already worked with fabric and textiles and had always wondered about felting processes. 
The next time I went to that shop, one of the hair designers told me she had gotten all the supplies and had started needle felting. The benefits? She said it was like calmed  her when she felt stress coming on. The best part? Having a little souvenir of the time spent in solitude making something delightful.

Small Bear is made of needle felted wool. Comes with wet felted green ball.


  1. Corinna, I love this post about the process and relaxation/meditation of needle felting. Have you ever made a video or sequence of photos showing the steps of bringing one of your creations into being? Sure would love to see that! You reminded me of one particular project I undertook years ago of crocheting a lace bedspread for my mom (it was a multi-year project by choice). I took my crochet cotton and needle wherever I went, and completed most of the hundreds of motifs (happily each piece was only about 4x4") while waiting for various appointments and attending various sports events. Indeed, a meditation with a little souvenir at the end!

    Small bear is very sweet.

    1. That's quite a project, that lace bedspread. It must have been something to see the assembled pieces together at the end. All the places all those pieces were made..very special.

  2. I agree, a video would be awesome.

  3. On it. Thank you for suggesting :)


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