Monday, March 28, 2016

march 2016. Felted Creatures. Day 28. Winds of March

Winds of March
A few days of winter, a few days of summer and a little bit of everything in between. Today, blustery winds and perfect weather for one more day of wearing a light scarf. 

Winds of March (1" x 2") is made of needle felted wool and a chalk painted vintage glass mug.


  1. I love this big eared... whats it! Mouse? Cat? Skinny Bear? LOL Sweet expression, playful ball, warm scarf, and a lovely little perch! Blustery here in the morning then warm and sunny afternoon. Sweater time :)

  2. Not quite sure what he is...but he's enjoying the weather.
    We're going from 80+ degrees to 30's this week. Where's my scarf?!!!


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