Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 2016. Felted Creatures. Day 15. Shadow

Today's piece is inspired by a friend's cat. It came from a rescue and on arriving in its new home, had the lovely habit of diving into the rubbish bin in search of snacks. This was even after having been fed a good meal. No amount of discouragement (in the form of squirts from plant misters or gentle reprimands) could dissuade him from this annoying habit. The owner soon discovered that the little guy had been a feral and had spent a couple of months with a foster family who attempted to encourage his "finer" qualities. Another friend looked at the little dumpster diver and said, "Once a dirty trash picker, always a dirty trash picker." Oh, well. Resolution came through a lidded rubbish bin and more playtime to keep the kitty happy.

 Shadow is a caricature of the lovable little trash picker and is made of needle felted wool over a wire armature.


  1. Corinna, Shadow is so expressive! He looks alert, and a little hungry. You capture so much life in your felted creatures. They are very compelling.

  2. Love this wide eyed wanderer!

  3. Thank you, both. Having fun with cats. They're leaning toward caricatures. Lean mouse machine.


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