Friday, March 4, 2016


Twin Lambs (detail)
Twin Lambs
Sheep. One of my very favorite animals. While living in New Zealand, I got the chance to experience some of the ins and outs of raising sheep. One of the ewes on the farm where I stayed had twins, which I named Minnie and Micky. They looked very similar but had enough differences, very subtle ones, that I could tell them apart. Years ago, looking at a mob of sheep, I thought they all looked pretty much the same. I discovered they are as distinct as human faces. What a day that was for me to be able to recognize everyone. My dear friend Cynthia and her husband Andy were the ones who shared their love and knowledge of sheep with me..I will always be grateful. Cynthia is the one who introduced me to the world of felting, inspiring me with her beautiful felt pieces, techniques and creative ideas. A felting Angel.

Twin Lambs is made of needle felted Corriedale, Merino silk, cotton, silk throwsters, straight pins and a monkey pod bowl.


  1. Lambies! Nothing cuter—and these twins you've birthed are no exception.

    This excerpt from Gail Godwin's novel EVENSONG comes to mind: "When Adrian and I were driving through Yorkshire on our honeymoon, the landscape was dotted with newborn lambs. Up and down the green slopes they raced, tottering on their wobbly legs, deviling one another, nipping at their mothers’ undersides."

    1. Lovely excerpt. Thank you for that...almost feels like I am there..I love the sounds they make.

  2. Replies
    1. Loves are pretty lovable. They are the cuddliest creatures. Just like kitties, only taller!


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