Saturday, March 26, 2016

march 26. felted creatures. day 26. the lucky scarf

The Lucky Scarf
Do you have some kind of a lucky charm? I love to ask people this question when I have the chance. Out come all the stories about the charm or item and how it came to be recognized as bringing or influencing good fortune.

Many years ago, a friend gave me a bag of clothes she didn't wear any more. It had a couple of beautiful dresses and skirts and at the bottom of the bag, was a pair of old jeans. These jeans had one knee ripped out which was covered with a bit of ribbon. The backside of the pants had long since worn away and had been replaced with blue bandanas, hand sewn in patches. My first thought was, "What are these shredded pants doing in here?"

I slipped them on and they fit like a glove. Perfectly. They were THE most comfortable pair of jeans I'd ever worn. I felt like a million bucks in those pants. I decided to wear them one day when I went on one of my artist's dates (read about artist's dates in Julia Cameron's The Artist Way). Several people stopped me and asked where I got those pants. I decided the pants had to be a lucky charm of some type. Each time I went out exploring on an artist's date, I'd meet very interesting people. 

One day, someone noticed my pants and they became the topic of conversation when I was in an antique shop, which led to that person introducing me to another artist...which led me to taking classes from that artist who taught me some amazing new skills in working with molten glass...which led me to adding glass to my sculpture work...which led to my being invited to enter a juried competition..which led to my work being accepted into an exhibition at a wonderful venue...which led to my winning a prize in the show.  I never would have guessed that something  that looked so ragged and worn, would turn out to be one of my favorite lucky charms of all. You never know where things will lead. I've found it best (and more fun) to be open and curious.

The Lucky Scarf is made of needle felted wool and gold thread. It is a reminder to keep an out for potential lucky charms and appreciate the magic of the ones already in your possession.

Have a lucky charm story you'd like to share? I'd love to hear it....


  1. Love this bright lucky scarf whose tail has been lifted by the wind!

    And totally love your lucky jeans story. The best. What a great story! Three cheers for being open and curious!

  2. So, do you have a lucky charm of sorts?
    Here's to a fun week with a curious eye to what comes our way


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