Saturday, March 12, 2016

MARCH 2016. FELTED CREATURES. Day 12. Baby Owl

Baby Owl
As a kid, I was fascinated with owls. I saw some tiny ceramic ones in a shop, bought them for a few dollars, and was hooked. Not surprising then that little owls started showing up everywhere I went.  It was fun watching them appear in various places. Friends and relatives were aware of my newest interest and would send me additions to my growing collection. My parents gave me an old printer's box with lots of compartments and before too long, it was filled. I loved looking at all the different expressions on the owls' faces and was particularly fond of the baby ones, some no bigger than a  thumbnail. This one is a nod to owl lovers.

Baby Owl (1.5" x 2") is made of needle felted Merino wool.


  1. All ears and eyes, this bright-as-fire wise-beyond-its-days baby!

  2. You write the best descriptions, Dotty! :)

  3. How cute is this! Just a few minutes ago, I found an owl pin a good friend gave me years ago. It's in with my jewelry, and I had not thought about it in a while. She said it would bring me luck and protection I think.

  4. I've heard owls can bring good luck! They're cute and it will keep an eye on things for you :)


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