Thursday, March 3, 2016


White Cat
Being an animal lover and having grown up around them, I turn to them as one source of inspiration when working in felt. As a kid, we had dogs in our home, which meant bodacious fun, big walks in all kinds of weather, lots of fetching games, and big slurpy kisses. When I'd visit the homes of friends, I had the chance to spend time with the often elusive, but very intriguing cats. I was hooked.  We pestered my mom repeatedly for a kitten, but were told that cats and dogs did not get along. Besides, she added, cats are not very cuddly and they are too aloof. This was presented as factual information. A cat was out of the picture.

A few years later, kittens came into my life. You never know how something will show up, especially if you've wished for it and then let go of the outcome. Having cats was a great adventure into the unknown, and as I had dogs at the time, tossed me right into the experience of seeing how the whole group would interact. The animals quickly determined the hierarchy and all was well. Later, more cats came along, in interesting ways, and now we have a small herd. A white cat is something we do not have, except now in felt.

Are you a cat or dog person? And why?

White Cat is made of needle felted Corriedale with Alpaca, silk throwsters in a monkey pod bowl. Straight pins added for use as pincushion.


  1. The whiskers and paws on throwsters are particularly endearing, and your set-ups/showcases continue to fascinate and delight.

    Dogs when I was growing up, a parakeet par excellence when my own kids were growing up : )

  2. Oh, parakeets would be fun. My daughter wants one, but there is issue of kitties....someone told me parakeets get very snugly...

  3. I like both. Had a cat for 21 years, my baby girl. I like cats a little better because they don't slobber on you. But playful puppies are irresistible too :) This is pure sweetness :)

    1. Cats don't slobber, but they drool. Especially some of the ones we have. Oh, well. Comes with the package:)
      Ja, Puppies are very cute, too.


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