Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 2015..Day 1 (The Way There) Painting Challenge

The Way There
Rabbit, Rabbit! I remembered to say it before my feet hit the floor this morning. What a relief! Now I am opening myself up to new opportunities for good fortune in the coming month. Do you have any little rituals you perform you believe will bring good luck?

Fresh Start/ New Habits

Many of us create "to do" lists in one form or another to keep track of everything to ensure it is all completed on time. It helps provide clarity when the growing list is in printed form rather than floating around in our minds, where it is easily forgotten from one second to the next.

I see each new month as a fresh start with new habits I'd like to create. Occasionally, I've chosen too many projects and tasks to do in a month's time and then feel disappointed when I hadn't been able to tick everything on the list. This month will be for focusing on creating a couple of new habits.

Creating a Month of New Habits
  • Choose a couple of new habits you'd like to develop.
  • Make a very short list and pick something you feel is important and will create positive change
  • Imagine yourself at the end of the month, happy that you've made progress toward creating this change.
  • That's it for today's first step.

My list for this month:
  1. Participate in the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge (doing watercolors each day for the month)
  2. Write a bit each day on developing new habits
  3. Exercise
  4. Make an animated film (something I used to do, miss and want to do again, but have been procrastinating)
 What new habits are you wanting to create?

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