Sunday, September 13, 2015

September 2016..Day 13 (The Wraparound) Painting Challenge

The Wraparound
A quick painting of an image I saw while sleeping. Wasn't sure at the time if I was actually completely asleep or if I was floating around in the in-between state just before slipping off. I was sitting on a rock (in my dream) when a bunch of colors began oozing through the darkness and swirling toward me. Part of me wondered what it was and why it was headed my way. Curious, I just sat there and waited until it came up and wrapped itself around me like an blanket. Not sure yet what this image was saying to me. It'll probably come to me when I am doing something like washing dishes or feeding the cats.
Kaleidoscope version of The Wraparound

Just for fun, I assembled a kaleidoscope version of the one painting.   

See Leslie Saeta's site with everyone's work here.  Work from other artists in the challenge pinned here.                                        
Anyone else draw or paint images that come to them in dreams?


  1. This is so fun, makes me think of going to the fair. Also looks like a magical garden filled with exotic flowers :) I have had two images come to me that way this month, but I lost one of them when I opened my eyes. I will try to paint the other today :) Love what you did with this image, you have the makings of a wonderful surface pattern :)

  2. Thank you...I think I will play with doing surface pattern. Did you do a painting of the image that appeared to you in a dream?


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