Sunday, September 20, 2015

September 2015..Day 20 (The Stranger Within) Painting Challenge

Kaleidoscope #1 The Stranger Within (detail)
Kaleidoscope #2 The Stranger Within (detail)
The Stranger Within (original)
Not sure where this came from. Ended up being a strange combo of forms. I worked on this one, set it aside, worked on it some more and it finally let me know it was time to stop. On chopping and rearranging, it became something different altogether.

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  1. Very interesting. So do you think of what it will look like repeated when you are painting, or do you just let that be a surprise?

  2. I did a series of separate paintings. One day, I was deciding which way that day's painting (Sep 12) would go, so I posted it in all 4 directions. The next day I began cropping and reassembling them. Sometimes , like you mentioned before, they look more interesting when cropped.


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