Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 2015..Day 23 (Entangled in Your Own Dream) Painting Challenge

Entangled in Your Own Dream
Used 3 colors on this one.  Some days, I lean toward sticking with a particular palette. It's familiar, I like how the colors respond when I place them near each other, and although I cannot really control the outcome, I have some idea of how it will look further on down the line. Do you find yourself experimenting with new color combos or do you prefer sticking with your favorites?

Occasionally, I reach into my box of bottles and yank a few out as my palette for the day. I'm thinking I might make a spinner, like one you'd see in a board game and use that to determine the color selection. It would force me outside my comfort zone and find ways to make that particular combination work.

Just for fun...anyone have 3 random colors to suggest for a palette I can do for Thursday's painting?? Anything goes....

Kaleidoscope #1 of Entangled in Your Own Dream
Kaleidoscope #2 of Entangled in Your Own Dream
See the 30 in 30 here.

Some of the other painters whose work I follow during the challenge are pinned HERE .


  1. I am really loving these Corinna. :) Hmmm... some that I have been using... Burnt Sienna, Quin magenta and indigo.

  2. Thank you, Sheila. I will need to get more paint..I only have magenta out of the ones you suggested. Will play with that combo...:)


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