Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 2015..Day 9 (Daphne's Wish) Painting Challenge

Daphne's Wish

A big thank you to my friend Anita, for introducing me to the wonders of working on Yupo.

This material allows me to continue reworking the surface for weeks at a time. It looks one way when it's wet and I'm often surprised by how the appearance has significantly altered after it has dried.  It's fun then to experiment using different ways to move the paint around on the surface. I keep five or six paintings going at once and bounce back and forth on each until they they tell me to stop working on them.

On to another new one today.  Have a look at what others are doing in this month long painting challenge at Leslie Saeta's Painting Blog.

I've also created a Pinterest Page with work from some of the other artists (whose work I find especially interesting and inspiring)who are participating in the challenge.


  1. Yupo is great fun! I love the depth in this painting.
    I spent the 30 day challenge in September, 2014 using inks on Yupo and had so much fun.
    - Connie

  2. I like working with this material a lot. I followed your work in the January challenge. Love the intensity of the color and all the interesting ways you created the surfaces.

  3. I don't know how I have missed your work this far Corinna. I am pretty sure I pinned a few, but I know I have not commented before today. (Have I? LOL) Your work is beautiful, and so interesting. I work one piece at a time, so it was interesting to read how you do it. Lovely movement in this one!

  4. Thank you, Sheila. Takes longer to dry on this material so that makes it possible to work on several at once. I usually do a few projects at a time, whatever the project is. Have you tried working on 3 or 4 at once? Something different....


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