Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 2016. Felts. Day 27. Ode to a starfish

Ode to a starfish
Went to the Eastern Shore for a few days. Stayed in the village of Easton, a beautiful place with colorful shops, restaurants and B & B's with interesting histories. One of the galleries had a mobile made from a delicate, white starfish with silver-wrapped sea glass of luminous shades of green, aqua and white. I love how it moved in the breeze, the bits of wire sparkling in the sun. However, I felt a bit sad to see it was a real starfish, its stiff arms outstretched in a permanent, perfectly even radial design. Think I'd rather have a fake starfish, or better yet, a piece of driftwood to hold all the sea glass strands. Anyway, it got me thinking about these little creatures and marveling at the way they move. This piece is in honor of the amazing starfish.

Ode to a starfish is made of wet and needle felted wool, cotton, gold thread and assorted beads.


  1. Corinna, your felts are small poems, haikus—getting to the essence with elegance, opening our eyes to see, with focus and keenness, what we might otherwise miss.

  2. Thank you, Dotty. I'm curious every day what kinds of stories will come our way through the way we experience what we see. I am seeing that in your paintings...

  3. Love your sparkly starfish :)

  4. Thank you..:) Would be fun to do one in watercolor (and a big challenge!)


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