Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 2016. Felts. Day 23. Batch of Blossoms

Batch of Blossoms
Did not get to making a new blossom, so I've set out some of the recent ones and made them into a batch. Still working on the photographic process, which still needs a bit of tweaking.

Looking to the outdoors for inspiration on color, shape, form. We have a bleeding heart bush, the blossoms of which always surprise me with their tiny delicate bits. Makes me think I will be doing some micro felting in the next few days. May need to rig a magnifying glass to my head in some way.

Batch of Blossoms made of wet and needle felted wool with assorted beads.


  1. Corinna, your gathering of blossoms seems fitting with May Day right around the corner. You'll be well positioned to make posies to hang on friends'/neighbors' door handles!

    Eager to see if you get a magnifying glass rigged to your head and microfelt a bleeding heart blossom.

    1. Will get on the heart...aren't they amazing blossoms?

  2. Lovelies! Do you use Photoshop to process your photos? I may have asked before. I can help you if you do. :)

    1. Thank you, Sheila. Used to use PS but have not used if for quite some time. It looks like it will take quite some time to get caught up again. Got any helpful hints for me or could I send you a pic and see if you can play with it?


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