Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 2016. Felts. Day 28. Orange Oyster Shell

Can't have too much orange everywhere!

I keep feeling drawn to orange. Maybe because of its brightness, luminosity, or vibrancy. It seems to show up everywhere, but isn't that how it works? If we focus on something, it seems to appear every which way we turn. I had an orange shirt as a kid that I wore until it disintegrated. It had a zipper down the front, with a big, round metal pull which made the most satisfying sound as I zipped it up. If no one was around, I'd unzip it and re-zip it just to feel that vibration. Hehehe, what we do as kids.

Orange was the dreamsickle I'd pick at the swimming pool snack shop, with its tangy outside and creamy white vanilla inside. It was also the color of Tang, that kicky citrus powder to mix into water for an instant zippy drink. Orange was the color of flowers I'd see, with the sun hitting them at just the right angle, that they seemed to glow from within. It seems like a happy color with a high frequency that cannot help but delight.

Maybe that's another reason why I am drawn to art that has orange. Take a PEEK HERE at Laurie Mueller's paintings, whose many shades of orange make the scenes she paints glow. This page shows a collection of paintings all in one place so it is fun to spot the gorgeous orange that is in many of her works.
You can also find her work HERE.

Today's piece reminds me a bit of all the seashells (mostly oyster shells) I've seen this week. I love their craggy outsides and the smooth insides. This would be an orange version of oyster shells.

Orange oyster shell is made of wet felted wool and assorted glass and seed beads.


  1. Corinna, love how you were able to bring to life—with felt! and beads!—the cragginess and pearly smoothness of oyster shells in Orange Oyster Shell. Do you get jingle shells on MD beaches? We used to collect them by the dozens at a beach I went to as a child in Connecticut on Long Island Sound. I thought of them after seeing Orange Oyster Shell and reading your post about ORANGE!

    1. I love the jingle shells. I used to get them when I was a kid. Loved how sheer they were, like lace. Thought that having a mobile of them would be great...all that gentle pinging sound in the breeze.

  2. Made my mouth water remembering. Love this happy little shell, full of shiny treasures :)

    1. Ha, too bad oysters shells don't come in orange...for me, one of the happiest colors around. So lively.
      And mmm on those sugary frozen treats.


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