Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 2016. Felted Creatures. Day 10. Purple Rabbit Guy

Purple Rabbit Guy

The artist guild I'm in is having its Spring show right now with close to 60 artists exhibiting over the weekend. Works in all media are included and its been fun watching visitors mingle with show participants and discovering new works. One painter created Studio Intrepid, setting up a work station where visitors could sit and make art while at the show. Part of my show duties include being at this studio set up and inviting people to experiment with art materials and create a mini work to take home. 

In addition to the drawing materials that were available, I brought in my needle felting supplies and worked on some new pieces. Several visitors had questions about the process and pretty soon, I had them take needle in hand to create their own little felted pieces. They found it very relaxing and in a short time, were able to walk away with some tiny souvenirs of the new process they'd just learned. 

Purple Rabbit Guy is a collaborative work of needle felted wool, legs courtesy of Tina and other bits felted by various visitors. He's wearing an orange Merino scarf as the temps have dropped once again and to help keep him warm during the 5 minute snowfall we had yesterday.



  1. Great colors on Purple Rabbit Guy! He's evoking memories from when I was under 10 years old of the Trix cereal commercials: "Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!"

    Loved hearing the story of the artist guild spring show and the engagement of visitors with the new-to-them art of felting. Way to go, one and all!

    Is there a link to the spring show, perchance?

    1. Thank you, Dotty! I remember that rabbit....and the taste of that cereal!

      Our 4 day show ended today. The guild has a fb is The Muddy Creek Artist Guild. Their page has lots of photos of the show. Most of the pics of my display were blurry, but I could send you a pic through email.

      I ran a needle felting table for visitors to was packed all afternoon! Think some of them will be going on to do more. Fun to offer something different for people to play with.

    2. Would love a pic via email! thx!

  2. How fun that must have been! LOve Mr. Purple!


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