Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 2016. Felts. Day 14. Punchy Sunflower

With all the warm sunshine and blue skies, it won't be long before all the giant sunflowers appear. I'm always amazed that putting something so small as a sunflower seed in the ground yields something so monstrously large and incredibly beautiful. Truly a wonder. 

Last summer while driving through the surrounding areas, I went past many properties out in the country that had sunflowers near the road. As tall as a man, and often bigger, these flowers seemed to gaze out over the road, taking in the views of the changing skies, passing cars, and cows grazing across the road in the next field. 

Last year, I planted sunflowers in a small stretch of garden right in front of our house. Definitely not enough space as they soon grew taller than the garage and got so heavy, they tipped over and started growing horizontally across the footpath, much to the irritation of my family who had to step over this feral batch of flora as it reached for sunlight. The giant blossoms turned and looked a bit like sunshine heads on big green snake bodies. Would make for a good hallucinatory scene in a movie....flower faces biting at ankles walking by. Oh, back to felted flowers.

Punchy Sunflower, an alternatively colored sunflower, is made of wet and needle felted wool with silk throwsters and glass beads.

What's your take on sunflowers?


  1. Punchy Sunflower makes a splashy bright punch! Love it!

  2. Well, you know my take on sunflowers. I think yours would be something to see! This little one is joyful, and reminds me of a baby chick. Fresh and new, and ready for the world!


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