Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26 Welcoming the Rain


Ever notice the way a lot of people talk about the rain? I've heard things like, "Bad weather is on its way," "Yucky weather predicted for the whole weekend," and "Well, we'll have to cancel our plans because of the bad (crappy, lousy, sucky, etc) weather."

Impending rain is viewed as undesirable, bad news and responsible for ruining people's fun, plans and attitudes.

Why do we give the weather so much power to determine how we feel? Ask almost any little kid and they'd probably tell you they would like to run around in the warm rain getting soaked followed by the ever-popular puddle stomping. Rains add fun to the excitement of outdoor sports events (like the soccer games my brother used to play) as the players end up slipping and sliding around in the mud.

I remember well the delight my little ones had when the rains came. Out they went in their boots to feel the rain pounding onto their little monster-covered umbrellas. After a short while, umbrellas were tossed aside and they reveled in the downpour.

The next time rain arrives, consider looking at it from a different perspective and allow yourself to enjoy the positive things rain has to offer.

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