Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 12 First One into the Peanut Butter

"First one in the peanut butter"
A lot of articles on happiness I've run across mention the idea of creating a gratitude list. So many wonderful things are going on all around and taking a few minutes to acknowledge and appreciate them creates more opportunities for them to come along.  How many times have you had a day where everything seems to be moving along at a great pace with one good thing after another coming right at you? Awareness can create that sense that all is well and more good is on its way.

Kids seem to bound from one good thing to another, acting as good-fortune magnets. Maybe because they are so busy having fun and living in the moment. I didn't create any kind of "good things" list as a kid, but I did manage to take pleasure in little things on a regular basis.

Being the first one into a new peanut butter jar was a big thing for me. I had to be quick as my brother was also eager to punch out the inner gold seal and make a big dent in the smooth surface with a tablespoon. Why this was such a big thing, I'm not really sure. Maybe it was wrecking that gold seal just underneath the lid...puncturing that perfect cover, allowing the roasted peanut smell to drift out. That smooth  creamy peanut surface was inviting me to go digging in and swirling around with my spoon, creating an inverted tornado shaped hole.  The biggest pleasure, though, was the race to get to the jar first. All in good fun.

Did you enjoy being the first one into the peanut butter jar?

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