Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 24 Reading in Bed

"Night time Read"
One thing I loved as a kid was having someone read to me. Every week in elementary school, our teacher took us to the school library where we learned extremely useful stuff like how to use the card catalog to do research papers.
Library Relic
The librarian (now referred to as Media Specialists) would end the class by reading something she had selected and on reaching a pivotal point in the story, would stop and leave us hanging. Telling us if we wanted to find out how the story ended, we'd need to check out a copy of the book sent a group of us dashing off to locate our own copies. My favorites were tales of Greek Mythology or spooky, but supposedly true, stories in  a series called, "Strangely Enough." Appropriately scary books for a fourth grader at the time.

Many of us have enjoyed sharing our love of reading by doing it with our kids before bedtime. It's a time to slow down, settle in for the night and enjoy a good tale together. Repetition is often part of the ritual as little guys often want to hear the same story thousands of times. Think of the number of people out there who can recite "Goodnight Moon" or any Dr. Seuss book.

What kind of book will you read before dropping off to sleep tonight?


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