Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20 Share a Meal with a Friend

"Pasta La Vista"
I eat most of my meals by myself due to the nature of my work schedule. For me, it is a quiet time to relax and enjoy a meal I've prepared, whether it be an assemblage of simple ingredients or something more involved and experimental. 

Recently, after spending a few hours on a peer review panel for artists seeking to join our local art guild, another jury member suggested we all grab some lunch nearby. A small group of us wandered over to a Thai restaurant, a tiny colorful spot tucked away in a small shopping center, near a jewelry shop and a puppies-in-baby-cribs pet store (cuteness factor off the charts here).

We were greeted at the door by a giant golden Buddha perched on a cart laden with multicolored silk flowers. The walls of the place were covered in food pictures, exotic travel photos and all kinds of ceramic fish.

All fans of Asian cuisine, we had fun perusing the menu and making our selections. Before long, our food arrived, beautifully presented with delicate flowers carved from various vegetables adorning the sides of the plates. Curries, rice dishes and soups, each with fragrant hints of lemon grass and exotic spice blends, covered the table.

The next hour was a treat. Good conversation, laughs, and great food all coming together to create a fun dining experience. 

Share a meal with friends and experience the delight.

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