Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 28 The Benefits of Creating a Treasure Map

"Treasure Map"

Why create a treasure map or dream board?

I remember enjoying movies where treasure maps were involved. The maps were old and fragile, covered in drawings and scribbles that provided valuable clues. Getting hold of one was the first step in the direction of obtaining the coveted treasure.

Kids love to make wish lists of things they'd like for their birthdays or holidays. They are eager to share what's on their lists and you can see the excitement and anticipation that go into the making of these wish compilations.

Making your own version of a wish list in the form of a Dream Board or Treasure Map allows you the opportunity to put in visual form, all you'd like to see manifest in your life.

I've discovered some benefits in making my own version of a treasure map:

  • They are fun to make. I've used magazine cutouts, drawings and hand lettering to create my collages. For those who choose to avoid cutting and gluing, the digital forms are widely available and in quite a wide range of styles and applications. Some people keep their maps on their phones.

  • It allows you to expand your realm of possibilities and be open to new opportunities and ideas

  • The maps are visual reminders of what you'd like to see. They will help keep you focused on the journey.

  • Watching the unfolding is a fun process. Documenting what comes about and expressing gratitude for it, are reminders that you really can make what you want materialize.
If you haven't already done it, consider creating a mini Treasure Map of what you'd like to see manifest for you this coming month.

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