Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 21 The Magic of Chocolate

"The Magic of Chocolate"

A friend recently told me she was experimenting with a new eating strategy (she had eliminated the word "diet" after seeing the first three letters and deciding she wanted something more uplifting and positive in its approach).

This food plan included small indulgences, little treats that would allow people to feel nurtured and able to enjoy their eating experiences, without feeling deprived. Her favorite treat was dark chocolate and she ate two tiny squares each afternoon, very slowly, savoring it as she relaxed after work with her feet up and her dog on her lap. These two little pieces of chocolate, in all their warm melty-ness, were enjoyable, and she loved how eating them made her feel.  As she felt nurtured, the need to panic and binge-eat gobs of chocolate disappeared completely. Telling herself there was an infinite supply available, whenever she wanted it,released the worries she'd be missing out on the experience.

If chocolate is one of your favorite things, allow yourself the treat and really enjoy the experience.

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