Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18 Napalooza


Napping is a favorite of mine. I eagerly looked forward to it when I was little. At play dates when moms announced the arrival of nap time, everyone ran screaming and objecting, while I waited to be pointed to the nearest nap station. Must have been my way of recuperating from all the chaos of kid play.

My mother signed me up for morning kindergarten so I could have my daily marathon nap session following school. When the powers that be told her I'd been placed in the pm class, she threatened to pull me out of school. I was promptly returned to the morning class. Bless my mother for standing her ground and protecting my sacred (and essential) nap time.

In first grade, our teacher gave us a list of supplies we were to bring and the last item was a rug, for nap time. I was overjoyed at the time. I'd get to have my daily nap after lunch while in school. I took great care in selecting my little rug at the store and proudly took it to school, placing it in my cubby. Every day after lunch, snooze time rolled around and out came all the rugs, off went the lights and then silence. At one point, my mother received a call from the teacher, inquiring how late I was allowed to stay up in the evening. Apparently, she had great difficulty waking me from my daily nap and had assumed (incorrectly) that I was staying up til all hours. She was startled to discover my bedtime was 8 pm.

My telling anyone I was planning on taking a nap meant I was unavailable for the next 3 hours, minimum. Everything changed one day, when a visiting relative told me he was taking a short cat nap. He rested for exactly 10 minutes and returned refreshed and ready to go one with his day. Amazed that he could do in 10 minutes what took me 3 hours, I gave the cat nap a shot. It worked and I was hooked.

Now I include short naps whenever I can. I've read that napping creates cascades of chemicals that cause the body to experience deep relaxation. Napping refreshes, renews, offers a respite from daily stress and allows the mind and body to take much needed breaks. Longevity is another bonus. But who really need all the scientific proof? 

Grab a short nap today and see how it creates change for you.

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