Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 11 Beach Chair Vacation

"Beach Chair Vacation"
I have fond recollections of stretching out on a beach chair while on family vacations. After a big swim, I'd gobble some lunch and then drag my chair to a spot under an umbrella my brother and I had turned in a hundred circles to get stabilized in the sand.. There, reading in the shade was THE way to spend the afternoon. Because I was so full of food, it didn't take long before the combination of surf pounding sounds, seagull calls and hot sun made me fall into a deep sleep.  Before I dropped off, though, I'd imagine that living that way was my daily "regular" life. How great would it be to swim, be in the sun, eat my favorite foods and then read until I dropped off?

The beach chair became like the gateway to another world for me. Stretching out on one, I'd lower the one end so I could dig my toes in the sand while reading on my belly.

When I want to feel like I am "on vacation," I settle onto a beach chair outside, listen to the birds and feel the breezes. A little thing that make a big difference.

Find a comfy spot, close your eyes and take a mini vacation, some place you've already visited or imagine a place you'd like to go. 

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