Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 23 Who's in the Mirror?

Look in the mirror and talk to yourself.


This came from a book someone gave me years ago, written by Louise Hay. If you haven't run across her work, she is a big proponent of what she calls Mirror Work. In workshops she conducted, she asked participants to look at their own reflections in hand held mirrors, telling themselves a few kind words. She found that many were unable to do this and quite a few burst into tears.

Why is it easy for us to extend kind words to others and deny the very same to ourselves?

I remember the first few times I complimented myself as I passed a mirror in my hallway.

"Nice job on stripping that funky wallpaper off the bathroom walls today!" I felt a bit ridiculous, especially as I spoke to myself so enthusiastically, as if I were someone else giving me the "thumbs up."

One night, I looked at myself and thanked my reflection for getting me through an especially challenging day. I expressed gratitude to my very tired feet for all the traveling they allowed me to do and then found more things I could thank myself for doing that day.

Once while at a party, I slipped away to find the bathroom. After admiring the unusual and colorful art on the walls, I gave myself a cheesy grin and was mortified. Spinach dip, and the thing was, I hadn't eaten any for the last hour. Doing the math, that meant I had been mingling with countless people for over an hour without knowing I was revealing my snack trail. Sheesh. No one told me, but then again, who wants to be the one to tell someone their smile is less than presentable? I ended up laughing so hard, I could hardly breathe. Mortification? Really? Over spinach dip?

Today, find a mirror somewhere along your travels and give yourself a quick message (of kindness)....thank yourself for brightening someone's day, for facing a challenge, or just for being there. Even if you feel your hair is less than optimally up to snuff, the day will be a good one anyway.

It gets easier the more you do it.
"Anticipating the presence of seaweed dip at the party, Anna appreciates herself for remembering to tuck a piece of dental floss in her purse just in case."

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