Sunday, February 14, 2016

FEBRUARY 2016 Day 14 Love to Faraway Places

Love to Faraway Places
Today sending love to faraway places...Christchurch, New Zealand that was hit by another big earthquake yesterday. The village of Sumner sustained severe damage as the cliffs on both the Sumner side and the Taylors Mistake side broke off and crumbled into the sea. I was living on the cliffs of Taylors Mistake five years ago when the Feb 22, 2011 quake hit, breaking off cliffs then, too. From what I've just seen in the news, no one was injured in this one. It was a relief to get texts and email from friends there yesterday and finding out they are all ok. I felt very sad knowing that that beautiful city has, once again, been hurt by yet more earthquakes.

Love to Faraway Places is made of needle felted Corriedale.



  1. I feel gratitude—that no one was injured in the NZ earthquake, for your art, for your words, for your friendship. I am touched by it all. Love to Faraway Places is beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Dotty. Feeling grateful today, too, for many things.

  3. That was sad news. This is lovely :) Sweet title too.


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