Monday, February 1, 2016

FEBRUARY 2016 Something to Love

True Blue
I dabbled in making hearts last month for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. Hearts will be showing up everywhere in the next few weeks. As soon as you spot one, another pops up, sometimes in surprising places. We even took a count one year just to see how many times they made an appearance in a day. There's quite a history about how the heart came to be the shape it is and what it symbolizes. For February, I'll be making a new heart every day and allowing it to be a visual reminder to myself to feel love and appreciation for what shows up for me daily.

For today...the color blue. We've had cloudy skies for a few days since the big snow and today, that brilliant blue has returned. Take a minute today to look at the sky and experience the vastness, the color and the mood. 

Today's True Blue is made of wet and needle felted Corriedale, Merino Silk, cotton and assorted beads


  1. Corinna, this heart is absolutely stunning! The composition, color, and textures are compelling. Am I seeing a combination of beads and french knots?

  2. Hi Dotty, it is a combo of french knots and little beads..didn't realize how similar they are in size! Would be different to work in a palette I normally wouldn't you have any colors you tend to use less often in your pieces? P.s Your Gefelted Fish took a dive into the mail box today. Will be with you shortly :)

    1. Love imagining my GeFelte Fish's swimming its way up the coast to me, its little gills drawing in that o2!

      Your question about colors I use and don't is an interesting one. My approach to my art of late is so in-the-moment and my memory so poor, I couldn't tell you if there are colors I tend to use less often. Browns, I guess!

  3. OK- silly question, but can I sign up to receive your blog posts by mail? I don't always check Google+, did today and found I have missed 3 days of your gorgeous art already. :-/ Love this soft blue ....ahhhh.


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