Thursday, February 18, 2016

FEBRUARY 2016 Day 18 Lady Bird

Lady Bird
This has been an odd winter for sure. Two weeks ago, I found several lady bugs in my kitchen. Not sure how they managed to get in, but as it was still quite warm, I scooped them up and set them out on the railing of the back porch. Another sign of summer during the winter season. Surprising and delightful.

Living in New Zealand a few years back, I discovered ladybugs are known as Lady Birds. Very regal sounding name, so I made a lady bird of wool and gave her a big gold button. 

Lady Bird brooch (2"x3") is made of needle felted Corriedale with a vintage button. 


  1. Your regal felted "Lady Bird" is just as delightful a surprise to my eye as your discovering live ladybugs yesterday! And I love the big ol' surprise of a gold and black button.

    When my kids were little we used to make a winter visit to what was called the "ladybug tree" in a wildlife sanctuary near our home. At its base, we'd scoop away the snow, and then gently brush away the fall's leaf cover, underneath which would be hibernating ladybugs. We'd scoop up a few, breathe on them lightly, and watch them begin to walk around on our palms and move their wings. We'd take delight in their color and their waking up to say hello, and then we'd tuck them back to sleep for the rest of the winter.

  2. This is very Jackie-O! Makes me think of Pillbox hats, white gloves and patent leather purses.

  3. Oh, I am not the only one who says, "big, ol'" !!!Does that come from having spent time living in the south? :)
    Love the ladybug story with the kids, Dotty. Tucking those bugs back in..what a memory for those who got to experience that.

    The old button does give it a bit of flavor from another era...I like the imagery, Sheila.

    1. I don't know where "big ol'" comes from—no South in me whatsoever. I'm born and bred New England (well, not actually born in New England but New England parents).

      Love the Jackie O image, Sheila!

  4. … and funny that Jackie O was followed by Lady Bird!


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