Saturday, February 27, 2016

FEBRUARY 2016 Day 27 Bloomin Heart

Bloomin Heart
Got to see many lovely sunflowers during the painting challenge in January as Sheila Delgado presented her watercolor sunflower collection. Decided to do some 3-d versions and add silk throwsters and tiny glass beads as embellishments. Looking at the vases of flowers and close ups of individual blossoms with their delicate shading and subtle coloring, I had to play with the wool to create my own version of something flowery.

See Sheila's colorful and playful sunflower collection and find out more about her work HERE
Sunflower paintings by Sheila Delgado

Bloomin Heart is made of needle and wet felted Corriedale, silk throwsters and glass beads.


  1. Terrific idea, beautiful sunny execution, and a delightful tribute to Sheila!

    Corinna, what are silk throwsters?

  2. Corinna I love your sunflower, the layers of petals, and the wonky petal sizes. Also the mix of colors in the petals for depth. I LOVE the jeweled center... do you think that is what the birds and bees see? Beautiful tasty jewels! Such an honor Corinna,Thank you! So glad you enjoyed my January art :)


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