Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July 1 Making July Your Freedom Month

July 1st, a month of new beginnings.

Last week, I talked with two friends about their plans for July. I loved what they said and have combined their ideas into this month's theme.

Trish calls it, "Making July My Freedom Month," in the areas of thinking, feeling and releasing old habits. Elle mentioned the image of a hot air balloon, heading off to explore new territory and reaching new heights by dropping sandbags over the side, one by one.

All month, we'll be looking at the sandbags that slow us down and finding ways to free ourselves from dragging them around so we can get where we want to go.

Today, make a list of those sandbags which slow you down and allow yourself to consider releasing them this month.


  1. Love the illustration and I love the message. I am really enjoying reading your blog.


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