Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 14. Freedom from Impulse Spending

Big (Impulse) Spender

Have you had the feeling of your heart nearly leaping out of your chest with excitement when faced with the possibility of buying something new and exciting? Anything from new shoes, things for the home, a car or vacations? Even online programs designed to help us achieve more, be successful, look better, and manifest the life of our dreams are coming at us from all directions. Products and services are presented in such tantalizing ways, it can seem nearly almost impossible to look the other way. Language is used so skillfully, we're left feeling like we're missing out if we pass on purchasing that thing.

We are promised that our lives will be made better, richer, and more wonderful if we just plunk down the money (even in tiny installments) and make it happen. Often, we later discover that we've lost interest in whatever we bought, only to focus on the next bigger, better thing.

I've found myself nearly swept away by these provocative offers, swayed by their words and tempted to whip out that credit card to "buy it now." I've felt buyer's remorse the next day and was relieved to find out that most of the sellers allow the buyer a few days to change their mind. Whew.

Here's one way I've stepped away from the phenomenon of Impulse Spending.
  1. Recognize I've just been "wowed" by something very tempting. If being offered a service, realize they are attempting to seduce me into buying by convincing me I need to have it. Feel the rush of excitement.
  2. Realize I have the power to decide whether to purchase it or not.
  3. Allow myself some time and distance, at least 24 hours to think about it. Choose to be ok with that temporary scared feeling where the one selling the item/service threatens to pull the offer or raise the price immediately, creating a sense of urgency. Focus on something else.
  4. Take a full 24 hours to make your decision.
  5.  Ask yourself if what you are considering buying is something you really need.
  6. Make the final decision whether or not to get it.
Stepping back releases that sense of urgency and can allow you to view the situation with more clarity. Free yourself from the  pressure of impulse spending.

Do you have a story about something you bought but later wish you hadn't?

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